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Lead Generation Services

Imagine getting daily emails and messages from people telling you they’re interested in your services or products and want to make an appointment with you. Our lead generation services use a proven system to deliver your ideal customer straight to your email inbox and to your phone via sms. It works immediately from day one delivering high quality & exclusive leads straight to you for immediate follow-up!

If you’re in the B2C space and are serious about getting the right leads to grow your business, then lets have a 15-minute no-obligation chat about your goals, how you can develop an ROI, and if it makes sense to take some next steps.

B2C Lead Generation

Are you still trying to use the same old methods to acquire new customers. You’ve probably dabbled with Social Media and Google but let’s be honest… Likes, Shares, and Impressions really mean nothing. Many businesses have yet to figure out how to “Monetize” the online world… Until now.

We’ve developed a robust system for B2C that couples direct response marketing with behavioral data. This system is not a theory. This is a proven system that has worked in multiple sectors.

Our system generates highly qualified leads These high intent leads have…

✅ Been identified as your potential customers

✅ Then specifically targeted by us

✅ They’ve read the ad

✅ Clicked on the ad because they desire what’s being offered

✅ Read the landing page

✅ Said yes I’m still interested in this offer

✅ Then entered their name, email and telephone number (plus more information if required)

✅ And clicked submit in order to be contacted about the offer

The system that we’ve developed is for B2C Lead Generation. If you are in the B2B space then we recommend you take a look at our search engine optimisation services offering.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a minimum number of customer opportunities (leads) per month

No Long Term Contract

Rolling monthly contract. No lengthy get out clauses.

No Hidden Extras

One simple monthly bill that includes everything

Training Portal

Online training on how to follow up and make more sales

Strategy Sessions

Biweekly strategy session to help turn ideas into action

Dedicated Support

Phone, text & email support so you’re never left out in the cold

Our Lead Gen Process

1) Customer & Competitor Research

We always do our due-diligence by completing customer and competitor research. It would be remiss of us if we didn’t, regardless of whether we’re already getting results for similar businesses to yours. We will discover your customers needs, wants, desires, pain points, and why they buy from you. We’ll also discover what your direct competitors are doing that is successful and different.

2) Irresistible Offer Creation

Your irresistible offer should be what your ideal clients want, should fix a common pain point, should fulfil their expressed desire. And all of these things you were told by your ideal clients in the market research. We’ll work with you to create an offer that is at the correct price point, fixes your ideal client’s pain point, gives them what they want and what they desire.

3) Marketing Funnel Creation

We create great looking mobile fiendly landing pages, forms and thank you pages so that traffic converts. The purpose is to convert as many ideal customers into leads as possible. Everything is hosted by us so that you do not need to call your web guy and fully managed by us so you don’t need to be technical.

4) Ad Creation

Next, we’ll create a series of ads that are congruent with the landing page. The ad will consist of the headline, the creative and the copy. The creative will typically be an eye catching image or a video. Whilst, the copy will help call out the targeted audience and present the offer whilst addressing the fears, wants, needs and desires.

5) Targeting Your Audience

As well as targeting your audience by specific locations, by demographic or by related interests, we also use behavioral data to target your ideal customer. This allows us to target those ideal customers who are most likely going to become a lead for you. Those potential customers who are most like your current customers…

6) Lead Notifications In Real Time

You will receive notifications of a new lead within seconds of the form being submitted. Firstly, you will be sent a SMS message allowing you to tap the number on your phone screen and immediately call the number provided. You will also receive an email notification and the database we provide will be automatically updated with the new information.

7) Email Nurturing Sequence

In order to keep your business and service offering top of mind with the new lead, we provide an email nurturing sequence (also called an indoctrination sequence or a soap opera sequence). And don’t forget to always add the new leads to your own email list!

8) The Follow Up

So you’ve got a hot lead. Now what? We provide you with a proven follow up schedule and telephone scripts for you to base your inital call on. and on top of this we also provide a training via videos that you can access in our training portal that will help you with the entire follow up and increase the amount of leads you are converting into paying customers.

Find Out How Our B2C Lead Generation Services Can Help You…

If you’re serious about getting the right clients to grow your business, then lets have a 15-minute chat about your goals, how you can develop an ROI, and if it makes sense to take some next steps.