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Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

We’re a Chester based agency & our local SEO Services are specifically designed to rank local businesses and service-based businesses on Google. Our tried and tested search engine optimisation techniques will increase your rankings, reach & visibility within your geographical area.

Our service includes an SEO audit, keyword research, technical SEO, on-page SEO & off-page SEO. Then we have the local SEO specific elements such as Google My Business, citations, reviews and more…

If you want to improve your rankings within Google for relevant search phrases and get more quality organic traffic then schedule a no-obligation discovery call with us to discuss how our search engine optimisation services can help you.

SEO Audit

It always starts with an audit. Our SEO Audits will show you the current standing of your website and what can be improved.

The first step in any search engine optimisation campaigns is an SEO audit.

Our audits will identify where your site does & does not meet the demandingly high standards of the search engines and the users of your website.

It also allows us to baseline the current performance of your site. This means that the results of any changes can be compared to the baseline established by the audit.

Our audits cover things like
✅ Keyword relevance
✅ Site architecture
✅ Page speed
✅ User experience
✅ Canonicalization
✅ Image optimisation
✅ Structured data
✅ Broken links
✅ & so much more…

Keyword Research

Are you setup for relevant and profitable keyword phrases? Our keyword research will discover the correct phrases that you should be targeting.

If you’re looking to get traffic from organic search engine listings then keyword research is going to be fundamental to your success. Our research will uncover the keyword phrases that you should be targeting.

Now, there is more to this than just selecting a phrase with a high monthly search volume. We also take into consideration search intent, the difficulty of ranking for a certain phrase, and whether you are targeting local, national or international traffic.

Local SEO

Get your business ranked and found for local searches in your geographical area. Google My Business, Local Business Optimisation, Citations & more…

Search engines want to return results that are relevant for the user. And one way that they’re doing this is by giving extra weighting and relevance to local results.

So this is a great opportunity for local and service area businesses to compete with the bigger brands and businesses when Google believes the intent of the search is based on the location of the user.

And we do this by optimising areas such as…
✅ GMB – which is Google My Business
✅ Location specific data on the website
✅ Structured data
✅ Quality citation sources
✅ NAP consistency
✅ Reviews
✅ & so on…

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If you’re serious about getting quality organic website traffic by improving your search engine rankings, then let’s have a 15-minutes chat about your goals, how we can get you there, and if it makes sense to take some next steps.