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Our 7-Step Facebook Ad Process

Our 7-step Facebook ad process is the foundation of all our Facebook ad campaigns. All 7-steps are required to build a successful campaign. Watch the videos to discover each step we employ to build a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

I’ve put together a series of short videos that cover the simple 7-step process that I use to get results and success from my Facebook ad campaigns.

And it works!  Every  Single  Time

The 7 steps are…
 Customer & Market Research
 Creating An Irresistible Offer
 Landing Pages And Your Funnel
 Creating A Winning Facebook Ad
 Lead Notification
 Automated Follow Up Sequences

Step 1: Customer & Market Research

The first step in running a Facebook Ads Campaign is Market Research. Your entire campaign is built on the foundation of market research.

Without proper market research, your entire campaign will either fizzle out real quick or simply straight out the gate fails.

Every business owner I’ve spoken to who say that they tried Facebook Ads themselves and it didn’t work for them…

Guess what?

They didn’t complete any market research.

When I’m asked by other agency owners why their campaigns are not getting any clicks, leads, conversions or sales…

I immediately ask them about their market research. And it turns out, almost every single time they either didn’t do due diligence and complete proper market research or they’re completely ignoring the data they got 😲.

Now, Market research allows you to identify your ideal client.
You need to build a picture of your ideal client.

You need to know everything about them…

Once you’ve done this you can create an irresistible offer that alleviates their pain points that you’ve discovered, that solves the problem, that gives them what they really desire

Market research helps you create copy & creatives that resonate with your ideal client

It’s going to tell you what to say in follow up sequences,
it’s going to tell you what to ask and what to say when you speak to them.

So, market research is essential and is the foundation of a successful Facebook Ads Campaign.

And if you don’t do any market research…

your campaign is going to fail.

Step 2: Creating An Irresistible Facebook Ad Offer

You’ve completed your market research and analysed the data.

It’s now time to build out your offer for your Facebook Ad Campaign.

Now, your offer is going to be based on the market research data you collected.

So if you haven’t done your market research…
Go and do it before creating your offer!

Your offer needs to be a compelling offer…
It needs to be an irresistible offer.

And an irresistible offer should give more perceived value than what you’re asking for in exchange.

Your offer
 should be what your ideal clients want
 should fix a common pain point
 should fulfil their expressed desire

And all of these things you were told by your ideal clients in the market research.

So put together a compelling offer…
 at the correct price point
 that fixes your ideal client’s pain point
 gives them what they want
 and what they desire.

Build your irresistible offer based on what your ideal client tells you they fear or want or desire in the market research.

Step 3: Landing Pages For Facebook Ad Campaigns

When your Facebook ad is clicked, you would normally send the user to 1 of 3 places to capture their details.

These are…
 a Facebook lead form
 a messenger bot
 or a landing page

In this short video, I’m going to quickly talk about landing pages.

Landing pages are still currently my default way of capturing name, email address & telephone number in exchange for whatever is being offered.

I use landing page software but you can also create a new page on your website specifically to be a landing page for your Facebook ad.

As a guideline, I don’t usually send ad traffic to a standard website page. There are situations when I will but typically I use specifically designed landing pages.

Now the most important thing about your landing page is to make sure that it’s 🌟 congruent 🌟 with your Facebook ad.

So above the fold…
 the headline
 the creative
 the copy
 and the offer
all need to be on point and have congruency with the ad.

If they’re not, then your landing page isn’t going to convert.

Another couple of tips to increase your conversions…
 have the call to action button above the fold
 and make sure that the landing page loads quickly

And that’s a quick guide to landing pages.😀

Step 4: How To Create A Winning Facebook Ad For A Local Service-Based Business

How to create a winning Facebook ad…

I’m going to be talking about creating a Facebook ad for a service or location-based business that has a serviceable zone around their location.

But before you can create your Facebook Ad you need to have at the very minimum…

✅ completed your market research
✅ created your irresistible offer
✅ created your landing page

So, your ad is split up into 3 main sections…
➡ the headline
➡ the creative
➡ and the copy

Your headline is going to be based on your offer. It needs to be short, sharp and punchy 👊
It needs to grab attention and help stop the scroll.

For your creative, you’re either going to use a video or an image. Now, whichever one you use, just like the offer, it needs to immediately catch attention and stop the scroll.

Videos work really well. Your video needs to either…
✅ educate
✅ demonstrate
✅ inform
✅ or entertain the viewer.

If you don’t have the budget or time to make a video then an image will also work well.

Don’t ever use stock images. Your image should show your service, or show your product, even a team photo works well.

For your copy, you can use short or long copy but I find keeping it simple and using short copy for a local service based business always works best.

In your copy, you need to…
✅ call out your audience
✅ You need to ask a question based on their fears, their needs, their wants or their desires
✅ You need to state the offer
✅ You need to tell them what they need to do to claim the offer

and always make sure that your ad copy is congruent with the landing page copy.

So that’s the basics of creating a Facebook ad for a local service or location-based business.

Step 5: How To Use Facebook Ad Targeting To Get Results & Not Waste Your Money

There are several Facebook ad targeting strategies and I’m going to touch on a couple of them here…

Firstly, if you’re a local service-based business, you don’t need to do any complex targeting.

As a rule of thumb, initially target everyone within a 15 or 20-minute door to door radius of your business location.

This is because your ad copy is going to do all the targeting for you.

This means that you’re targeting people…
✅ who are within an easily drivable distance of your business location
✅ who are within your service zone
✅ and who will believe that you are their local go to business for the services that you provide

So, that’s all the initial targeting that you need do for a local service-based business.

Now, if you’re selling your service or products to a larger audience, for example, the whole of the UK, then you will start to use the other options such as interest-based targeting.

Now, your interest based targeting will have been discovered during the market research phase and by knowing your ideal client.

The interest-based targeting that will give you the best result is 🌟 targeting competitor pages 🌟

For example, If you were targeting the weight loss dieting niche, you would target specific interests such as…
➡ slimming world
➡ slim fast
➡ and weight watchers.

By doing this, Facebook will show your ad to people who have interacted with these pages.

You would not initially target people interested in “weight loss”.

This isn’t a competitors page or a brand page. It’s algorithm derived.

So it’s not necessarily people who’ve interacted with specific pages but rather people who Facebook think might be interested in weight loss.

You can also do negative interests. Which means that you can exclude people who are interested in certain things.

And you can also narrow down your targeting based on age or gender. Again, your market research will have given you the information on this.

And that is basic Facebook Ad targeting 

Step 6: The Best Way To Get Notified About New Leads And Why You Should Follow Up

For many Facebook Ad campaigns, it’s important for you or a member of your staff to be notified as soon as someone opts in for your irresistible offer.

The reason for this is because you often need to call the lead back to make the sale.

These are highly qualified leads. They’ve been…
 identified by Facebook
 targeted by you
 read the ad
 clicked on the ad
 read the landing page
 said yes I’m interested in this offer
 entered their name, email and telephone number
 then clicked submit in order to qualify for the offer

And if you call them back within 15 minutes and use 🌟 my call follow up scripts 🌟, about 90% will sign up for whatever it is you’re offering.


this drops to below 20% if you leave it for an hour.

You see, having a conversation whilst your service or product is top of mind AND having the congruency between the ad, the landing page and your conversation is extremely important.

There are 3 main ways to get lead notifications…
 or an app

👉 Email is easy to set up. But people don’t check their email very often and therefore the time between the opt-in & the call back varies.

👉 Text messages require a bit more technical knowledge and you pay for each text message. But response rates are better because almost everyone checks their text messages. The text message will have the leads name and number. The number is clickable. You tap the number and call the lead immediately. Success rates are a lot higher with text messages than email.

👉 There are lead notification apps. They do cost a monthly fee but provide immediate notification on your smartphone, the front desk or the sales team smartphones. The app also provides reminders to call the lead until the lead is actually called. And on top of that, it provides a whole range of stats so you can tell who is and more importantly who is not calling the leads back quickly.

the money is in the follow-up 🤑

Step 7: Increase Conversions & Sales With Email & Text Message Automated Follow Up Sequences

This is the final step in my 7 step process that gets results for Facebook ad campaigns.

It’s an automated email and text follow up sequence that’s also known as…
 an indoctrination sequence
 or a soap opera sequence.

This can also be done using a bot if that’s how you initially captured their details.

Now, I tend to send up to 6 emails and 2 text messages.

The text messages are…
 a thank you message
 and then a reminder message about a week later.

For emails, I always send a thank you email and a welcome email. I use the rest of the sequence to build a bond between the business owner and the person who has given their details, as a reminder about the offer and often include an upsell with a relevant CTA.

Do this step correctly and you’ll increase your conversions, sales and more importantly, you will also increase your client retention rate! 🤑

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