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How to create a winning Facebook ad…

I’m going to be talking about creating a Facebook ad for a service or location-based business that has a serviceable zone around their location.

But before you can create your Facebook Ad you need to have at the very minimum…

✅ completed your market research

✅ created your irresistible offer

✅ created your landing page

So, your ad is split up into 3 main sections…

➡ the headline

➡ the creative

➡ and the copy

Your headline is going to be based on your offer. It needs to be short, sharp and punchy 👊
It needs to grab attention and help stop the scroll.

For your creative, you’re either going to use a video or an image. Now, whichever one you use, just like the offer, it needs to immediately catch attention and stop the scroll.

Videos work really well. Your video needs to either…

✅ educate

✅ demonstrate

✅ inform

✅ or entertain the viewer

If you don’t have the budget or time to make a video then an image will also work well.

Don’t ever use stock images. Your image should show your service, or show your product, even a team photo works well.

For your copy, you can use short or long copy but I find keeping it simple and using short copy for a local service based business always works best.

In your copy, you need to…

✅ call out your audience

✅ You need to ask a question based on their fears, their needs, their wants or their desires

✅ You need to state the offer

✅ You need to tell them what they need to do to claim the offer

and always make sure that your ad copy is congruent with the landing page copy.

So that’s the basics of creating a Facebook ad for a local service or location-based business.

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