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There are several Facebook ad targeting strategies and I’m going to touch on a couple of them here…

Firstly, if you’re a local service-based business, you don’t need to do any complex targeting.

As a rule of thumb, initially target everyone within a 15 or 20-minute door to door radius of your business location.

This is because your ad copy is going to do all the targeting for you.

This means that you’re targeting people…

✅ who are within an easily drivable distance of your business location

✅ who are within your service zone

✅ and who will believe that you are their local go to business for the services that you provide

So, that’s all the initial targeting that you need do for a local service-based business.

Now, if you’re selling your service or products to a larger audience, for example, the whole of the UK, then you will start to use the other options such as interest-based targeting.

Now, your interest based targeting will have been discovered during the market research phase and by knowing your ideal client.

The interest-based targeting that will give you the best result is 🌟 targeting competitor pages 🌟

For example, If you were targeting the weight loss dieting niche, you would target specific interests such as…

➡ slimming world

➡ slim fast

➡ and weight watchers.

By doing this, Facebook will show your ad to people who have interacted with these pages.

You would not initially target people interested in “weight loss”.

This isn’t a competitors page or a brand page. It’s algorithm derived.

So it’s not necessarily people who’ve interacted with specific pages but rather people who Facebook think might be interested in weight loss.

You can also do negative interests. Which means that you can exclude people who are interested in certain things.

And you can also narrow down your targeting based on age or gender. Again, your market research will have given you the information on this.

And that is basic Facebook Ad targeting

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