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The first step in running a Facebook Ads Campaign is Market Research. Your entire campaign is built on the foundation of market research.

Without proper market research, your entire campaign will either fizzle out real quick or simply straight out the gate fails.

Every business owner I’ve spoken to who say that they tried Facebook Ads themselves and it didn’t work for them…

Guess what?

They didn’t complete any market research.

When I’m asked by other agency owners why their campaigns are not getting any clicks, leads, conversions or sales…

I immediately ask them about their market research. And it turns out, almost every single time they either didn’t do due diligence and complete proper market research or they’re completely ignoring the data they got 😲.

Now, Market research allows you to identify your ideal client.

You need to build a picture of your ideal client.

You need to know everything about them…

✅ likes

✅ dislikes

✅ fears

✅ needs

✅ wants

✅ desires

Once you’ve done this you can create an irresistible offer that alleviates their pain points that you’ve discovered, that solves the problem, that gives them what they really desire

Market research helps you create copy & creatives that resonate with your ideal client

It’s going to tell you what to say in follow up sequences,

it’s going to tell you what to ask and what to say when you speak to them.

So, market research is essential and is the foundation of a successful Facebook Ads Campaign.

And if you don’t do any market research…

your campaign is going to fail.

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