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For many Facebook Ad campaigns, it’s important for you or a member of your staff to be notified as soon as someone opts in for your irresistible offer.

The reason for this is because you often need to call the lead back to make the sale.

These are highly qualified leads. They’ve been…

✅ identified by Facebook

✅ targeted by you

✅ read the ad

✅ clicked on the ad

✅ read the landing page

✅ said yes I’m interested in this offer

✅ entered their name, email and telephone number

✅ then clicked submit in order to qualify for the offer

And if you call them back within 15 minutes and use 🌟 my call follow up scripts 🌟, about 90% will sign up for whatever it is you’re offering.


this drops to below 20% if you leave it for an hour.

You see, having a conversation whilst your service or product is top of mind AND having the congruency between the ad, the landing page and your conversation is extremely important.

There are 3 main ways to get lead notifications…

➡ email

➡ text

➡ or an app

👉 Email is easy to set up. But people don’t check their email very often and therefore the time between the opt-in & the call back varies.

👉 Text messages require a bit more technical knowledge and you pay for each text message. But response rates are better because almost everyone checks their text messages. The text message will have the leads name and number. The number is clickable. You tap the number and call the lead immediately. Success rates are a lot higher with text messages than email.

👉 There are lead notification apps. They do cost a monthly fee but provide immediate notification on your smartphone, the front desk or the sales team smartphones. The app also provides reminders to call the lead until the lead is actually called. And on top of that, it provides a whole range of stats so you can tell who is and more importantly who is not calling the leads back quickly.


the money is in the follow-up 🤑

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