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When your Facebook ad is clicked, you would normally send the user to 1 of 3 places to capture their details.

These are…

➡ a Facebook lead form

➡ a messenger bot

➡ or a landing page

In this short video, I’m going to quickly talk about landing pages.

Landing pages are still currently my default way of capturing name, email address & telephone number in exchange for whatever is being offered.

I use landing page software but you can also create a new page on your website specifically to be a landing page for your Facebook ad.

As a guideline, I don’t usually send ad traffic to a standard website page. There are situations when I will but typically I use specifically designed landing pages.

Now the most important thing about your landing page is to make sure that it’s 🌟 congruent 🌟 with your Facebook ad.

So above the fold…

✅ the headline

✅ the creative

✅ the copy

✅ and the offer

all need to be on point and have congruency with the ad.

If they’re not, then your landing page isn’t going to convert.

Another couple of tips to increase your conversions…

✅ have the call to action button above the fold

✅ and make sure that the landing page loads quickly

And that’s a quick guide to landing pages.😀

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