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You’ve completed your market research and analysed the data.

It’s now time to build out your offer for your Facebook Ad Campaign.

Now, your offer is going to be based on the market research data you collected.

So if you haven’t done your market research…

Go and do it before creating your offer!

Your offer needs to be a compelling offer…

It needs to be an irresistible offer.

And an irresistible offer should give more perceived value than what you’re asking for in exchange.

Your offer

➡ should be what your ideal clients want

➡ should fix a common pain point

➡ should fulfil their expressed desire

And all of these things you were told by your ideal clients in the market research.

So put together a compelling offer…

✅ at the correct price point

✅ that fixes your ideal client’s pain point

✅ gives them what they want

✅ and what they desire.

Build your irresistible offer based on what your ideal client tells you they fear or want or desire in the market research.

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