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This is the final step in my 7 step process that gets results for Facebook ad campaigns.

It’s an automated email and text follow up sequence that’s also known as…

✅ an indoctrination sequence

✅ or a soap opera sequence.

This can also be done using a bot if that’s how you initially captured their details.

Now, I tend to send up to 6 emails and 2 text messages.

The text messages are…

➡ a thank you message

➡ and then a reminder message about a week later.

For emails, I always send a thank you email and a welcome email. I use the rest of the sequence to build a bond between the business owner and the person who has given their details, as a reminder about the offer and often include an upsell with a relevant CTA.

Do this step correctly and you’ll increase your conversions, sales and more importantly, you will also increase your client retention rate! 🤑

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