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Facebook Ad Campaign – Lead Notifications

Step 6: The Best Way To Get Notified About New Leads And Why You Should Follow Up For many Facebook Ad campaigns, it’s important for you or a member of your staff to be notified as soon as someone opts in for your irresistible offer. The reason for this is because you...

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Facebook Ad Campaign – The Facebook Ad

Step 4: How To Create A Winning Facebook Ad For A Local Service-Based Business How to create a winning Facebook ad… I’m going to be talking about creating a Facebook ad for a service or location-based business that has a serviceable zone around their location. But...

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Facebook Ad Campaign – Landing Pages

Step 3: Facebook Ad Campaign - Landing Pages When your Facebook ad is clicked, you would normally send the user to 1 of 3 places to capture their details. These are… ➡ a Facebook lead form ➡ a messenger bot ➡ or a landing page In this short video, I’m going to quickly...

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Facebook Ad Campaign – Irresistible Offer

Step 2: Facebook Ad Campaign - Create An Irresistible Offer You’ve completed your market research and analysed the data. It’s now time to build out your offer for your Facebook Ad Campaign. Now, your offer is going to be based on the market research data you...

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Facebook Ad Campaign – Market Research

Step 1: Facebook Ad Campaign - Market Research The first step in running a Facebook Ads Campaign is Market Research. Your entire campaign is built on the foundation of market research. Without proper market research, your entire campaign will either fizzle out real...

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